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Sunday, March 6, 2016

powerful way to overcome blackheads naturally

powerful way to overcome blackheads naturally

What's Blackheads?
Often on the face are blackheads. Blackheads makes the skin look nice and can not deduct confidence. But what is blackheads? Blackheads are pores are clogged, could be open or closed. Blackheads are open or often called Blackhead , look like enlarged pores and blackened. Closed comedones also often called whiteheads have skin that grows above the pores are clogged so it looks like a small white bumps. This type of acne blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and the secretion of excessive oil glands in the skin.

Causes Blackheads?
Blackheads are basically caused by dead skin cells and excess oil glands in the skin. Facial skin cells die and accumulate in the skin will become blackheads. In addition to excessive oily face caused by a hormonal imbalance, fatty foods, as well as heredity and others also can cause the growth of blackheads on the skin. This happens because the oil on the face is not cleaned will cause the dirt clogging the pores which will cause blackheads.

Powerful Ways to Overcome Blackheads in Natural
After knowing what it blackheads, the kinds of causes of blackheads blackheads along the following will explain how to overcome the potent blackheads naturally. As for how to overcome the potent naturally blackheads are as follows:

1.      Routine Doing Wash Face / Face
To resolve the first blackheads is by routinely washing your face / your face at least 2 times a day with warm clean water. Wash your face with warm water regularly able to remove dead skin cells found on the face. And the warm water rinse will reduce the oil that is sticky on the face.

2.      Sufficient Water Consumption
Consuming enough water at least 8 glasses a day can nourish the body and accelerate metabolism and blood circulation in the body in addition to drinking enough water will be able to facilitate sweating with oil on the face so that the oil will not clog the pores and can cause comedones.

3.      Blackheads overcome with Cucumber
Fruit Cucumber can clear up acne and blackheads are disturbing from an excess of oil on the face because the cucumber has a content of active substances that are beneficial to detoxify the body so that it can cope with toxins and substances other active substances such as minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin C and water , To cope with blackheads by using a cucumber can be done like the following ways:
a.       Prepare one cucumber
b.      piece into many part
c.       clean up face you
d.      paste piece cucumber to face skin
e.       Let stand 10 to 15 minutes
f.       After that dislodged cucumber and clean up face you with warm water or clean water. 
this can be done three times a week for maximum results.

4.      Blackheads overcome with Orange Lemon
Lemon nutritionally rich in vitamins that can make the face a fresh, clean and healthy. lemon juice has many benefits for the skin as well as for the removal of blackheads or pimples. As for how to resolve the premises blackheads naturally lemon juice to do the following:
a.       first Wash face / face using warm water
b.      Iris or piece Lemon citrus into 2 portions then rub in the face area you contained the blackheads
c.       rub With soft in surface area existing face blackheads for 5-6 min.
d.      Then rinse Clean your face with using cold water

This can be done two times a day but worth noting sometimes using lemon juice will make your skin feel sore. And before using lemon juice first make sure your skin is not sensitive to lemon.

5.      Blackheads overcome with Papaya Fruit
Papaya has more benefits for skin health. Papaya contains nutrients and multi-vitamins are very good for health. Papaya fruit can cope with blackheads and oily skin on wajah.adapun how to cope with blackheads naturally by using fruit epaya are as follows:
a.       piece Papaya then puree
b.      Combine papaya with milk and honey
c.       wash face you with clean
d.      Apply mix Papaya and milk honey just now to face you
e.       let the up to 15 to 30 minutes
f.       Then rinse face you using warm water

this can be done three times a week to get maximum results.

6.      Blackheads overcome with Garlic
Garlic can to get rid of blackheads on the face. Garlic is antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal and antiseptic that can also be utilized for skin health. Sulfur substances in garlic is very powerful in the healing process of acne are stubborn. For more details on the benefits dabawang khasian and white can be seen here (the benefits and efficacy of garlic).As for how to cope with garlic blackheads as follows:
a.       Prepare 1 cloves onion fresh white.
b.      Then Cut 1 clove onion white into two part
c.  rub chunks of onion white (garlic) mentioned on a face that has blackheads, then let stand for less more 8 -10 minutes. 
d.      Then wash with warm water.

This can be done two times a day regularly for maximum results.

7.      Blackheads overcome with Tomato
Tomatoes are more nutrients and vitamins that are good for the skin. One of the benefits of tomatoes is to remove blackheads and also Overcome Oily. As for how to cope with blackheads by using a tomato fruit can be done as follows:
a.       clean up face you use warm water.
b.      Prepare fresh tomatoes and cut lah be b ome part
c.       place piece tomato in the face who has blackheads
d.      Let stand for 30-40 minute
e.       After the lift tomato mentioned from face you
f.       rinse face you with clean water and warm water.

Do this 3 times a week to get good results and maximum.

8.      Blackheads overcome with egg white
Egg whites can remove blackheads. The fig remove blackheads with egg white ie Take the egg white slightly, place it in the container, shake until frothy. Apply around the nose or the face of blackheads. Cover with paper towel. Allow it to dry completely. Remove the paper slowly. On the inside of a tissue, will be visible spots raised blackheads.

9.      Blackheads overcome with masks Scrub vegetables and nuts.
As for how to cope with scrubs and masks blackheads beans are as follows:
a.      blender sheet leaf kailan, sheet leaf celery, ¼ fruit apples, mixed with juice lemon. Rub and massage soft face with vegetable scrub This, then dengn warm water rinse.
b.     the steam face with hot water which has given 1 tbsp salt. Allow 10 minutes. Salt water vapor will open pores, widen vessel blood capillary in under skin and expediteperedarah blood to skin.
c.  Mixed bean extract soy and beans beans, used as a mask, let stand 30  minutes, rinse with warm water.
d.      Use several times to maximal result.

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